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In April 2012, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation entered an agreement with OARC to oversee development of the regional transportation planning process and the regional public participation process in the non-metropolitan areas of the state. Three Councils of governments were selected as pilot projects: SWODA, NODA, and COEDD. The goals of the RTPO are to provide a regional forum for cooperative decision making about transportation issues and to serve as liaison between the local governments and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The exposure of the RTPO through Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils has allowed for an interest in collaborating planning among county commissions, mayors, circuit engineering districts, ODOT Division Engineers, city officials, business owners, and local citizens. 



Transportation Plans, Mapping, Community Improvement



Provide technical assistance to local municipalities, create a forum for public participation, coordinate plans and programs with other organizations. 


Counties in the Region

Pottawatomie County

Seminole County

Hughes County

Okfuskee County

Lincoln County

Payne County 

Pawnee County



All county plans have been completed and the Long Range Transportation Plan is in process currently.

CDBG/CIP Job Description

The Central Oklahoma Economic Development District (COEDD) is seeking a candidate to fill a position for the Community Development Block Grant/Capital Improvement Planning (CDBG/CIP) administrator.

The CDBG/CIP administrator will work to design, develop, and implement CDBG Community Development Grants, Water/Wastewater Grants, and Capital Improvement Plans.


  • Strategically directs the use of CDBG funds including working with sub-grantees and monitors grant activities; administers the set-up of CDBG projects and activities in Grants.OK.Gov.

  • Track accomplishments and generate required reports; and coordinate the CDBG competitive grant program including application review, public hearings, and grant administration.

  • Manages the development of the 5-year Plan, Fair Housing Plan, Citizens Participation Plan, and other requirements of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

  • Implements the details of the CDBG program as well as provide leadership and vision in the development and guidance of other programs.

  • Analyzing spatial data using ESRI software

  • Create, update, and maintain geospatial data in ArcGIS software applications and databases.

  • Publish/Edit Content for ArcGis Online

  • Collaborate with municipalities and state organizations for data and training

  • Ability to conduct field GPS GNSS data collection using a Trimble TDC650

  • Create, update, and maintain municipal inventory and cost analysis.

  • Travel within and outside of the state

  • Performs other related duties as required/assigned.

Required Experience:

  • The ability to obtain the Oklahoma CDBG Administration Certification

  • Hands on knowledge of ESRI ArcGIS desktop software including ArcMap and ArcPro.

  • Have a valid driver's license and insured person vehicle.

  • Strong Microsoft Office skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams.

Pay is based on experience.

Submit resumes to:


                      Attn: Pat McCormick

                       400 N. Bell Ave, Shawnee Ok 74801

                       Fax: 405-273-3213


Through the latest federal legislation, IIJA-BIL and the Bridge Formula Program, funds were made available to every state to assist in improving bridge conditions as part of the transportation infrastructure.  This funding is available for improving not only highway bridges, but also city and county owned structures.


With intentionality, ODOT has made great strides in addressing Structurally Deficient bridges on the state highway system, moving Oklahoma from number 49 in the nation for worst highway bridges to number 7, however, there are still over 1700 SD bridges on the city and county system.  In an effort to reduce the number of structurally deficient bridges in our state, ODOT is making funding available to address as many structurally deficient bridges that funding will permit.


As part of this funding, ODOT has established the SD City Bridge Program with the goal of providing financial assistance to replace or rehabilitate SD bridges on the city system.  If you have an SD bridge(s) within your city limits and you are interested, please fill out the notice of interest at this link: .  This will help us prioritize the participation so that we can address as many SD bridges as possible.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Luke Bustos at . We hope to hear from you soon!




Melissa Davis, PMP®, Program Manager

Local Government Division

Cell 405-249-0829

Municipal Road Drilling Activity Funds (MRDAF) Application

To encourage and assist municipalities with a population of less than 15,000 in efforts to repair or improve roadways that have sustained damage due to oilfield activity. 

Criteria Reviewed in the Selection of a Municipal Roads Drilling Activity Funded Project:
1.  Municipality population under 15,000 as of the 2020 US Census.
2. Municipality commitment of 75/25 split of project cost; ODOT participation capped at $500,000 per project.
3. Funds must be utilized within 1 year of award.
4. Project must be exclusively on public right-of-way. 
5. Right-of-Way and utility relocations to be furnished at no cost to the Department.
6. Maintenance of project will be responsibility of the municipality.
7. Projects are reviewed on a statewide basis in the order received. 
8. Funding is limited to $5 million annually. 

An official request through the application website from the municipality having jurisdiction over the roadway. The local unit of government must have the authority to sign an agreement with the Department, assuming maintenance of the road upon completion of the project. Application should include each of the following:
1. Resolution of local participation in the awarded project and scope, including commitment to repay any unused funds and final audit of project. 
2. Project description including engineering estimate based on a n engineer's recommendation of repair. Scope of work should include recommended repair, beginning and ending points, surface type, length, and width of roadway. Identify well locations contributing to the damage. (Can be provided by District Personnel)
3. A map showing the location of the proposed project. 
4. Current ADT (Average Daily Traffic)
6. Indicate if damaged roadway is on a designated truck route.
7. Sponsor should expect an on-site scoping to be performed with the Department prior to selection for award. 

Applications for Projects open October 1, 2022, Open Ending

Questions should be directed to:
Ms. Melissa Davis
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
200 N.E. 21st St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

COEDD REAP Funding for the 2022-2023 Year is subject to change during a special meeting in October


The REAP Amount for EDA applications is currently $75,000.00
The REAP Amount for Community Grants is currently $50,000.00

Oklahoma Active Transportation Survey

ODOT will work with stakeholders and you to create the state’s first Active Transportation Plan with statewide policies and resources that will support and guide local communities’ active transportation efforts. Your voice is essential in this process!

Submit a response for our ongoing SURVEY and attend upcoming public workshops January 23-28, 2023.

Long Range Transportation Survey


400 North Bell Avenue, Shawnee, OK, USA

405-273-6410 ext 146

Thanks for submitting!

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